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Kristi Jaska

VP ViaSat

Kristi Jaska started her career at Linkabit, the fountainhead of San Diego’s telecom industry, where she worked with the three founders of ViaSat. She then joined ViaSat as the 6th employee about a year after the company was founded. During her time at ViaSat she has worked to grow the company in many areas including hardware, software, and system design; project and business management; and strategy and marketing. She co-founded ViaSat’s innovation center and holds numerous patents in digital communications. Kristi has B.S. and M.Eng degrees in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University. In this STEAM event, some 300 San Diego Unified high school students learn about STEAM career experiences from five innovators who present new technologies including electric cars, satellites that provide internet connections to airplanes and other moving vehicles, an algae-fueled Baja 1000 motorcycle, and state-of-the art bicycles.