5th NGSS STEM Conference

5th NGSS STEM Conference

Heading Into the First Dimension: Science and Engineering Practices


Saturday, March 3, 2018
San Francisco, CA

Exploratorium, Pier 15

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Travel to a new dimension at our 2018 STEM Conference, Heading Into the 1st Dimension: Science and Engineering Practices. This full-day conference includes a variety of workshops designed for teachers of grades 3–12 and featuring Dimension 1 of the California Next Generation Science Standards: Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs).

The SEPs emphasize the major practices that scientists and engineers engage in as they investigate the world and design and build systems. The conference sessions will focus on engaging, hands-on activities that highlight the implementation of the SEPs in school classrooms. Presented by the Exploratorium’s Teacher Institute and the Institute for Inquiry, this full-day conference features:

Breakfast and lunch will be included, and participants will have access to all the conference handouts and activities online. One semester unit of Continuing Education credit will be available for an additional fee.


Symphony Meets Science

Spend a wonderful evening exploring the relationship between music and the science of listening. All ages will be delighted by performers spanning jazz, classical, and percussion – from Bartok to Beethoven to Bjork. The Balboa Theatre will be filled with sounds of music from the Danny Green Trio and the Mainly Mozart Quartet, along with a multimedia presentation from three renowned hearing specialists: Dr. Kevin Franck who heads Harvard’s Massachusetts Eye and Ear Department of Audiology, Neuroscientist Nina Kraus of BrainVolts at Northwestern University, and Audiologist Michael Santucci who runs Sensphonics Hearing Wellness.  These compelling demonstrations will show how sound gets from the artist into the listener’s ear to inspire. (note: ASL + CART for D/HH)

This event will be preceded by a special pre-show Science Fair for all ages, from 6 to 7pm, including interactive displays created by hearing research postdocs/students in collaboration with ARO.

 San Diego welcomes 1,600 hearing scientists at the Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO) Mid-Winter Meeting!