Riding the Wave of Ingenuity – Fernando Aguerre

Reef co-founder Fernando Aguerre urges high school students to follow their hearts as he recounts how his love for surfing and his desire to live near his brother in California led him to leave Argentina and build a hugely successful career as a surf brand entrepreneur. Then, he recalls, with plenty of money but little time for a personal lives, the brothers sold the business, allowing Fernando to pursue his passion for spreading surfing around the world as president of the International Surfing Association. This presentation is the third of The STEAM Leadership Series, featuring speakers in conversation with students about embracing creativity in learning. 

[DIRECTOR’S NOTE:  Interestingly, Fernando Aguerre’s talk, along with Diego Miralles’ (see “Healing Innovation,”) have often received the top-most hits and shares from students and viewers in San Diego and worldwide.   These are great, wise, fun, animated lectures, but it may also have something to with the fact that approximately 55% of the students in the San Diego public high school system are of Latin background, broadly defined.  Aguerre and Miralles both hail from Argentina.   Their passion for learning and sport and motivating others comes  through strongly!  Check it out.]